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21 September, 2012 – Forum on the Findings of 2012 Imbak Canyon Wildlife Survey was held in Kota Kinabalu. The findings represent the outcome of the Wildlife Survey jointly organized by Yayasan Sabah and Sabah Wildlife Department with funding from Petronas.

Over 100 participants from various  agencies including Sabah Forestry Department, Sabah Biodiversity Centre, Sabah Parks, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, WWF Malaysia, Borneo Conservation Trust, Sarawak Forestry Corporation and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak took part in the 18 days survey in Imbak Canyon Conservation Area and its immediate periphery to document wildlife species diversity and richness.

Information obtained from the survey will be used for research, conservation and management of wildlife in the area. Highlights:

Survey recorded high mammal & bird species richness (incl. species that are charismatic, ecologically important and of high conservation value).

  1. Mammal sp. include:
  • Borneo pygmy elephants – observed (droppings or prints) in most surveyed areas;
  • Orang utan – nests were observed at several sites;
  • Clouded leopard – camera trap;
  • Hose’s civet (endemic to Sabah) captured on camera trap;
  • Red-leaf monkey (observed at several sites and on camera traps)
  • Gibbons (observed at several sites)
  • Hornbills observed (5 species) + Crested Goshawk;
  • Bornean bristlehead

2. Several areas were found to have eco-tourism potential


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