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On the 27th September 2012, YS and Petronas organized the Program Jalinan Komuniti at Mukim Karamuak, Tongod. The villages involved in the programme were Kg. Tenaga Baru, Kg. Kenang-Kenangan, Kg. Karamuak Luar and Kg. Karamuak Dalam.


During the event, the Manager of ICCA briefed the villagers regarding Imbak Canyon, the need to conserve the area, and what the villagers can benefit by conserving Imbak Canyon. Sabah Wildlife Department, represented by Mr. Johnny Benigtus from the Ulu Kinabatangan Wildlife Department briefed the villagers regarding the Sabah Wildlife Enactment, while the representative from Sabah Forestry Department Mr. Salleh Intang Ulu Kinabatangan Forest Officer gave a talk on Forest Regulations. The programme received huge response from the villagers. About 100 villagers including the Ketua Kampongs, JKKK Chairman and members attended the event.


Among issues brought up by the villagers during the dialogue session are the following:


  1. How ICCA can assist in uplifting the socio-economic of the communities?
  2. Special consideration for local youths to take up jobs in ICCA
  3. Opening of forest by large companies which has polluted the environment
  4. Disturbance by wildlife (monkeys).  Assistance needed from Sabah Wildlife Department to relocate the monkeys
  5. Requested that the Government provide a land where hunting can be done legally
  6. Rights to collect forest produce (similar to that given to Orang Asli in Semenanjung Malaysia)
  7. Immediate assistance – water tanks pending installation of pipe gravity water,  zincs for houses
  8. The protection of Bukit Tingkar (water catchment for the villages)

Engagements with the villagers were conducted in the afternoon.  The villagers were divided into 6 smaller groups to discuss and record information pertaining to the history of Ulu Kinabatangan, their village, traditional food, music, marriage and burial ceremonies, legends and myths.  The information will be used as material for the exhibition posters for the Ulu Kinabatangan Information Kiosk located at Kg. Imbak and nearing completion.


“Jalinan Komuniti” is one of the programmes under the Yayasan Sabah-Petronas Imbak Canyon Partnerhsip, and hopes to raise awareness particularly in conservation, the wildlife and relevant Enactments. At the same time, the event is an avenue for Yayasan Sabah and Petronas to reach out to the community and build strong relationships to ensure the conservation of Imbak Canyon in particular and the environment in general. Jalinan Komuniti programmes will also be held in other Mukims, namely Mukim Tongod and Pinangah.


1) Why are they no efforts  to find out the cause why the villagers were hunting, felling trees?
2) How can Imbak help the local community in terms of providing jobs for the local village youths?
3) To protect Bukit Tingkar as it is the main source of water for the villagers
4) To come out with an act to help the villagers from poverty issues.
5) How Imbak Canyon got its name?

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