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The 20ha rehabilitation project at the ICCA buffer zone near Tampoi camp is fully sponsored by SOS MAWAS of France with the total investment of about EURO22,700 equivalent to RM94,754.70, these amount of monies covered the overall expenses specially on manpower, materials and future up keep & maintenance activities.

The rehab technique is the same as Infapro. As the techniques and expertise are on hand, the Infapro manager and the team was asked to establish the project. The field activities were started on the second week of July, 2017 and completed by the end of October, 2017.  This was followed by up keep & maintenance and Census R 1 which was completed in March, 2018.

This project rehabilitates an area within the ICCA Buffer Zone 1, which has been degraded by past activities. By refining the existing vegetation and enrichment planting where necessary, the recovery of the degraded rainforest can be hastened to restore this habitat for wildlife and safeguard the core forest area. Forest rehabilitation in the buffer zone creates a restored forest landscape connectivity that also serves as corridor for wildlife such as Borneon pygmy elephants, Orang utan, Borneon gibbons, Proboscis monkey, Clouded leopard and Malayan Sunbear that seek refuge in the area.

The rehabilitation site is very visible as it is near the newly constructed Imbak Canyon Studies Centre (ICSC) and the gateway by public into ICCA, therefore greater advantage in promoting the project. The available rehabilitated site could offer comparison studies to be undertaken for any synergistic research with ICCA researchers.

These are list of outcomes/expected outcomes from the project;

1.       Enhanced forest structure and tree species composition within the buffer zone

2.       The forest structure will be more dynamic and will also enhance the forest biomass within the area

3.       With the enhanced forest structure and composition, they will be less vulnerable to forest fire threat

4.       Greater tree species composition with indigenous species including wild fruit species attracts wildlife and enhances the biodiversity in the area

5.       Opportunity for additional income for the local communities through engagement in this project.

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